Save the tiger! Save the Grasslands! Save the Water!

Mayuri Phukan

WP 6: Ecohydrology of the Karnali megafan (Nepal) as related to the conservation of the tiger habitat in Bardia National Park

I am Mayuri Phukan, PhD candidate at Utrecht University. I have a bachelor’s degree in physics and master’s degree in water resource management.  My work experience includes projects in numerical modeling, river basin management, transboundary floods and water governance in India.

My research is on groundwater dynamics of Karnali megafan related to grasslands ecohydrology. My study will establish the hydrogeology of the Himalayan megafan and interactions between surface water and groundwater systems, and its impact on grasslands of Bardia National Park. Due to the nature of the research and the less studied area, data collection from field is of utmost importance for my project.