Save the tiger! Save the Grasslands! Save the Water!

Consortium Partners

Utrecht University – contributes expertise on ecohydrology, ecology, hydrometeorology, catchment and mountain hydrology and environmental impact assessment.
TU Delft (TUD) covers research on hydraulic engineering of rivers, hydrology, water control, institutional arrangements, and especially the interactions between these fields in hydrology and water resources.

Vrije Universiteit (VU) has extensive expertise in plant nutritional ecology, fire ecology, the relationship between hydrology and vegetation, remote sensing of plant chemical characteristics, and vegetation management.

Wageningen University & Research (WUR) contributes two research groups to the project: one with expertise on wildlife ecology, wildlife conservation and plant–animal interactions, with several long-term projects studying the role of herbivory and predation, in Africa, Asia and South America.


HAN University & VHL Universities of Applied Science contribute expertise on public participation, community art and land and water management through the applied research group for sustainable river management.


HAS Hogeschool brings in expertise on remote sensing, machine learning, spatial modelling ecological engineering, ecology and biomonitoring.