Save the tiger! Save the Grasslands! Save the Water!

Accountability and funding

The project is financed by the Dutch Research Council NWO with co-financing by 4 project partners (VanderSat, Rotterdam Zoo, Himalayan Tiger Foundation and Practical Action). The project is performed under the program line Research along Routes by Consortia of the NWA research program. Key elements of this program are 1. focused on scientific and social breakthroughs, 2. aimed at large, complex challenges and 3. with close collaboration between science and society, i.e,  between researchers, public and private organisations and citizens. The research projects are thus interdisciplinary and knowledge chain-wide. The latter means that fundamental, applied and practice-oriented research are included. All partners in a project consortium are actively involved in all phases of the research, from formulating the research questions to realising the desired scientific and/or societal breakthroughs.