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Publication on postfire regrowth quality in subtropical grasslands in Nepal

We congratulate Shyam Thapa and co-workers with their publication on temporal effects of fire on postfire regrowth quality in the subtropical monsoon grasslands in Bardia National Park, Nepal. The research article has been published Open Access in Ecology and Evolution, April 2022.

“Every year grasslands are burned as a management intervention in the Bardia National Park. After such a fire event, the team systematically analyzed the vegetation for a period of four month. Based on the analysis they showed that large-scale single event fires may not fulfil nutritional requirements of all species in the deer assemblage. Instead they recommend a spatiotemporal manipulation of fire to reinforce grazing feedback and to yield forage of high quality for the longest possible period for a sustainable high number of deer to maintain a viable tiger population.”


Thapa, S. K., de Jong, J.F., Hof, A.R., Subedi, N., Joshi, L.R., Prins, H.H.T. (2022): Fire and forage quality: Postfire regrowth quality and pyric herbivory in subtropical grasslands of Nepal. Ecology and Evolution published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd, vol. 12 (4), pages 1-14.